VIDEO: Bernie Campaign Staff Says ‘Anti-Fascists’ Are Violent Because They Go Outside The Law


As part of Project Veritas’s “Exposing 2020” series, video was released of a campaign staffer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign saying that “anti-fascists” are violent because they are willing to go outside the law.

In one of the videos released Tuesday by Project Veritas, Kyle Jurek, identified as a field organizer for the Sanders campaign, explains why “anti-fascists” are prone to violence.

“And that’s why they’re like, ‘Oh, anti-fascists are violent,’ it’s because we’re willing to above and beyond what the law says is acceptable, like oh free speech, yeah.”

Jurek continued, “They try to be like ‘Oh, you’re against free speech,’ and no, we’re not against free speech, we’re against f*cking hate speech.”

“And if your free speech is something, like ‘that these people shouldn’t exist,’ then I don’t give a f*ck if it’s free speech or not, like, free speech has repercussions.”

It is unknown who Jurek is specifically referring to, as no speech referencing genocide is mentioned in the article.

Jurek continued, “If your speech is calling for the elimination of people based on race or gender, or religious like for whatever reason, things that people can’t change, then you should expect a f*cking violent reaction.”

“You deserve a violent reaction.”

Similar justifications were used in Portland, Oregon last year when journalist Andy Ngo was brutally attacked and “milkshaked” by anti-fascist protesters.

Ngo did not call for “the elimination of people,” and is himself a gay, Asian journalist.

Jurek is at the center of the videos released by Project Veritas on Tuesday, with several videos suggesting violence against the media, police, and Trump supporters.

In one video, Jurek even calls for gulags, and defends those of the Soviet Union as “not as bad as the CIA told us.”