VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Campaign Bailed Out Staffer Arrested On Drug Charges


Video released by Project Veritas shows Bernie Sanders campaign field organizer Kyle Jurek admitting that he was bailed out of jail after an arrest on drug charges by Sanders’ Regional Iowa Field Director.

Jurek explained that he was arrested after a night of knocking on doors and canvassing for the Sanders campaign.

“We’re going to pick up a bag of weed, ’cause I was like almost out,” Jurek said. “Like the cop met me at the intersection, and I went through, he turned and f**king pulled me over.”

Jurek said the officer asked why the car smelt like marijuana, and then then pulled the Sanders staffer out of the car and searched it.

“Found my weed, found my grinder, found my bowl, found my kief, took me to jail, and I was there for like 4 or 5 hours,” Jurek explained.

Jurek claims he called someone named Danielle, and the phone was answered by West Des Moines Regional Field Director Luke.

“Luke answered, he’s like, ‘don’t say another word’, he’s like, ‘we already processed your bail, just sit tight.’”

The full video can be seen below: