VIDEO: Bernie Staffer Says ‘Only Way’ to Confront Trump Supporters is ‘With Violence’


Kyle Jurek, the staffer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign at the center of Project Veritas’ latest undercover investigation, was recorded saying that violence is the only way to confront supporters of President Donald Trump.

In the latest video uploaded by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, Jurek claims that Trump supporters are terrified of anti-fascists, likely referring to Antifa, and that the only way to confront Trump supporters is using violence.

“Yeah they seem emboldened. They (Trump Supporters) have been emboldened, right, by Trump and all that rhetoric and sh*t,” said Jurek.

“But they are scared f*cking senseless of anti-fascists.”

“Like even like the ones that are kind of like the right wing people,” Jurek added.

Jurek then seems to use the terms Trump supporter and fascist interchangeably, and endorses using violence.

“The only thing that works,” said Jurek, “The only thing that fascists understand is violence.”

“So, the only way that you can confront them is with violence.”

Earlier today, National File was able to confirm that Jurek was arrested twice on a series of charges including DUI, unlawful possession of prescription painkillers, driving without insurance, and violating probation.

National File reported:

On September 28 of last year, Jurek was arrested by the Polk County, Iowa Sheriff’s Department and given three charges, including “possession of a controlled substance,’ “unlawful possession of prescription drug,” and “possession of drug paraphernalia.”

Then, on January 8, 2020, Jurek was arrested again.

In his January arrest, Jurek was charged with “violation of probation,” “failure to provide proof of financial liability,” indicating that police say he was unable to provide proof of insurance, “possession of drug paraphernalia,” and “operating while intoxicated – 2nd offense.”

The timeline of both his arrests would seem to coincide with the period Project Veritas journalists recorded Jurek making bizarre and unsettling statements.

The Sanders campaign has yet to comment on the shocking revelations provided by Project Veritas.