VIDEO: Biden Rushes Away From White House TV Set, Ignores Reporters After Defending September Jobs Report


Joe Biden scurried away from reporters earlier today after defending the disappointing September jobs report. When reporters panned their cameras to follow Biden’s rapid departure, cameras revealed he was speaking at yet another White House set made to look good on television.

“Today we received more evidence of the progress we’re making,” said Biden of the jobs report, which seemed to show the opposite of his claims. In reality the report revealed that just under 200,000 jobs were added to the economy in September, well under the prediction of 500,000 or more. Labor participation rates are also still much lower than they were just prior to the beginning of the pandemic, under the Trump administration.

Covfefe Coffee

Then something strange happened. Biden ended his speech with “May God protect our troops,” and then left abruptly without taking questions from increasingly irritated reporters. That wasn’t the strange part, however, as it was then revealed that the official looking office was not actually an office within the White House but instead yet another TV set described as a “pretend White House” by Benny Johnson of the Arsenal Media Group.

This is not the first time the Biden White House has been questioned for its decision to place the sitting President in a stage instead of one of the actual rooms within the White House. Similar controversy occurred just last week when Biden was recorded receiving his third dose of the Pfizer vaccine, referred to popularly as his first booster dose. Biden is eligible for this third dose because of his advanced age.

As National File reported, when claimed to receive his third dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, it was revealed to the public that Biden was in fact on a stage during the performance, rather than in his real office or at one of the many places to become vaccinated in Washington, D.C.

Some have since questioned the reasoning behind using TV-ready sets instead of actual parts of the White House for important televised appearances, noting it seems disingenuous.