VIDEO: Biden Says No Campaign Rallies Due to COVID-19


Presumed Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden held a campaign event on Tuesday, and at one point revealed that his campaign will hold no future rallies due to the possibility for COVID-19 to spread.

“This is the most unusual campaign, I think, in American history,” said Biden. “But I started off with a premise, like that I’m going to follow the doc’s orders, not just for me but for the country.”

“And that means that I’m not going to be holding rallies,” Biden continued. “I am not going to be, for example, you all are here, but thank the school has put those circles around so we keep the social distancing, everybody has masks on, as soon as we finish this I’ll put my mask back on.”

President Donald Trump has repeatedly bashed Biden for staying or hiding in the “basement” throughout the COVID-19 crisis and the riots following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. The president has gone as far as to claim his opponent is not running his own campaign or issuing his own written statements.

“He’s really been run beautifully,” said President Trump during a recent interview with Sean Hannity. “He’s not running his campaign, people are running his campaign.”

President Trump continued to say that when Biden’s campaign issues a statement, “Joe didn’t make that statement, and Joe doesn’t even know the statement was made.”

President Trump’s first rally since the emergence of COVID-19, held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sparsely attended at times but received millions of views online and on cable. Leading up to the event the president was criticized for holding the event so soon after the COVID-19 pandemic, and a reporter has since tested positive for COVID-19.

The president was also temporarily suspended from Twitch for “hateful conduct” he exhibited at the rally.