VIDEO: Biden Spokeswoman Left Stammering And Speechless By Question About Rising Grocery Prices


White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre was left stammering and nearly incoherent by a question from Fox news reporter Peter Doocy about rising grocery bills under the inflation-inducing policies of the Biden regime.

“You guys say that President Biden does not want to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year,” Doocy said. “But there’s a new Fox poll that finds 83% of registered voters are noticing bills for groceries and everyday items increasing. So how is that any different than a new tax?”

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“Well, look, and, when you say – ” Jean-Pierre stammered. “Can you give me a little bit more, like what’s the … ?”

Doocy replied, “Well the supply chain is all backed up, there are bottlenecks, empty shelves, prices going up, people are paying more, and so, how is that any different than a new tax?”

“So I, I would say this,” Jean-Pierre said. “Um, we are, you know, we are dealing with a historic and evolving, uh pandemic, that is impacting our economy, right? We have seen it for the past year and a half, that’s what people have been dealing with. And, uh, it is having an outsized impact on our global supply chain, and the President understands how much a squeeze it is uh, when, uh, when families see their prices rise.”

The Biden regime’s careless spending habits have been described by many experts as a key factor in the rise of oil and gas prices, as well as the rise in prices for consumer products and groceries across the country in recent months.