VIDEO: Biden Staff Ejects Black Women from Campaign Event at Historically Black North Carolina School


Two black women were forcibly removed from a Joe Biden campaign event for wearing red Trump t-shirts.

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, held a “community event” for his presidential campaign at Hillside High School in Durham, North Carolina, on Sunday.

“I was removed for being black.  I saw a white woman with a pink , Women for Trump shirt who was allowed to attend the entire event,” Shemeka Michelle told National File.

Michelle, a Trump supporter, is a graduate of the historically Black High School, and also the mother of a child who attends the school.

“This is my community.  I am from here,” she said.

“I know the principle of the school, I was told to leave by Biden employees, not school employees.  My friend who was with me, who also has a child in the school, was physically forced out.  She was so upset that she cried,” Michelle said.

Michelle told National File that she had been invited to the event by some friends who are Joe Biden supporters.

“They wanted me to see why they support him, so I went. I talk about a Trump alot.  I wore my Trump shirt because that is what I do.  Why can’t I support the president of the United States?  I was not disruptive or rude.  I was not threatening anyone.  I was just standing in line and they told me to leave,” she said.

“I was told it was a private event at the High School, and that I was allowed there,” she said.

“I was standing outside after being kicked out and I had black Biden supporters tell me I was a sell-out.  How can I be a sell-out, when no one owns me?” Michelle said to National File.