VIDEO: Biden Stutters, Stammers About Spaghetti and Moving Shopping Carts with Forklifts


In the latest of several speeches where former vice president Joe Biden seems visibly confused and unsure, a video has surfaced of Biden attempting to make a point about spaghetti sauce and shopping carts.

Videos of Biden behaving strangely on the campaign trail have become common place as more begin to question the mental faculties of the front runner, and now a new video shows Biden discussing spaghetti sauce and shopping carts, with no clear point in sight.

“So you go ahead and you stack spaghetti sauce at a store, and in-in-in-in the supermarket, you control the [inaudible] the woman who runs the, r-r-runs the, brings out the carts on-on-on-on a forklift”

The speech apparently took place on December 7 at the Teamsters Presidential Candidate Forum. It is unknown what, if any, larger point Biden was attempting to make by invoking spaghetti and forklifts.

It is also not known, but not implausible to believe, whether Biden was invoking Eminem’s “Mom’s Spaghetti,” or the popular memes surrounding the song.

This is far from the first time Biden has raised eyebrows for his seemingly failing speech skills during the 2020 campaign.

Last month, National File reported that Biden pledged to end domestic violence by “punching at it”:

During a diatribe about how men need to stop committing violent crimes against women on college campuses – an issue Biden apparently thinks is a serious problem facing the electorate – the 77-year-old stated “we need to keep punching at it, and punching at it, and punching at it” while making striking gestures with a closed fist.

The monologue’s punchline was met with an uncomfortable smattering of laughter from the audience, to which Biden responded, “No I really mean it, this is a gigantic issue.”

Biden is under increasing pressure regarding his son Hunter Biden’s unscrupulous personal life and cushy gig at Burisma, a Ukrainian oil company.

Last month, National File reported that Hunter Biden is ducking new court papers related to his divorce:

Robert Hunter Biden, son of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, is evading a new Motion to Enforce Settlement Agreement from his ex-wife Kathleen, who claims that Hunter Biden has violated terms of their agreement. National File obtained all of the Bidens’ divorce documents ahead of the next hearing in the case on December 18 in Washington. D.C. Will Hunter Biden appear?

Here are some of the recent documents, showing numerous failed attempts to reach Hunter Biden to serve him.

Kathleen Biden’s lawyer Wendy Schwartz submitted a recent filing stating, “Please accept for filing the attached Affidavit of Service of Marshall E. Yaap stating under oath that the Motion to Enforce Settlement Agreement and October 9, 2019 Order entered by the Superior Court of the District of Columbia have been served on Defendant, Robert Hunter Biden (“Defendant”) by first-class mail, certified mail, Federal Express, email, and text message.”