VIDEO: Biden Trolled By Trump Supporter, Says ‘Hell No’ He Won’t Make America Great Again


In a new video sent to National File, Trump supporter Christopher Shaw posed for a selfie with former vice president Joe Biden, then hit record and told the Democrat presidential candidate to “Make America Great Again”, prompting Biden to smile awkwardly and say “Hell no”.

The video starts with Shaw holding his phone in a selfie position with Biden holding a strained smile. Shaw then pretends to be confused as his phone starts recording rather than taking a selfie, and proceeds to say “Make America Great Again!”

Biden, apparently not hearing Shaw’s endorsement of President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, tells Shaw to “go ahead” and take the selfie as he begins to lose his characteristic grin.

Shaw then repeats, with a questioning tone, “Make America Great Again?”

At this point, Biden seems to understand that he is the object of a joke.

“Hell no, America is already great,” says Biden.

Unrelenting, Shaw then says, “Oh, Keep America Great Again,” as Biden’s face begins to contort into a grimace.

The candidate then says “Make America Honest Again,” and turns away from the camera.

Biden’s campaign aide, apparently as confused as the candidate himself, then tells Shaw to “have a great day” after Shaw yells “Sleepy Joe” and walks away from the scene.

This marks the latest in a string of awkward moments and campaign gaffes by Biden.

The candidate has thus far grabbed small African American child by the shoulders, forgotten what state he is campaigning in, and only this week seemingly forgot the name of his former boss, President Barack Obama.

Discussing Ukraine, Biden said “He’s saying that it was President… my boss, it was his fault.”

It remains to be seen whether Biden has the mental acuity to make it through the Democrat primaries, or what candidate may supplant him if his gaffes and apparent absent mindedness result in a premature exit from the crowded field of candidates.