VIDEO: Black Conservative Stabbed by Antifa During Portland Black Lives Matter Riots


Drew Duncomb, a self described “black conservative” who live streams using the handle Black Rebel on social media, was stabbed on Friday night in Portland, Oregon during the ongoing Black Lives Matter riots while recording video of the riots.

In videos live streamed to his Facebook profile, Duncomb is seen walking around the streets of Portland, revealing dramatic scenes of rioters clashing with police and starting fires. At some point, Duncomb comes across a nude man standing in the street, and ends his live stream, fearing he will be banned from Facebook for live streaming nudity.

Less than an hour later, Duncomb reported that he was stabbed during the Black Lives Matter riots and was then on his way to the hospital.

In a video Duncomb posted to Twitter, apparently recorded in an ambulance, he explains in a shaky voice that he is on his way to the hospital, unaware how badly he has been stabbed.

“Alright you guys, I got stabbed, I’m on my way to the hospital.” “I don’t know how bad it is.” “I got stabbed by some Antifa dude that was following us around for awhile, so for everyone asking what happened: he stabbed me.”

Duncomb posted a photo to Instagram, apparently showing him being stabbed by the Antifa member.

“This is the Antifa punk that stabbed me,” wrote Duncomb.

Portland has been the scene of several clashes between rioters and police, including federal agents who are now in the city to protect the government’s property in the city. Last night, rioters swarmed the exterior of a federal court house, lowered the flag, and raised it upside down.

National File reported:

As evening approached on Friday, fencing was removed around the Capitol that was “set up to keep people out during repairs and restoration” by city authorities. Joshua Rodriguez, who runs a not-for-profit that helps at-risk youth in the area, wrote on Twitter that the “State warns all employees to flee downtown.”

Despite federal police protecting the building under orders from President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr, protesters were able to lower the American flag, then raise it upside down. At the same time, Antifa reportedly began forcing people to shut down their live streams.

Video shows the flag being raised upside down as sirens, drums, screams, and cheers echoed in the background. After the flag was successfully raised, more cheers and applause erupted.

After federal presence in the city became a national news story, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler attended one of the riots to show solidarity with the protesters and host listening sessions. He was tear gassed by federal police, and nearly assaulted by rioters as he fled the area with his security team.