VIDEO: Black Lawmaker Claims ‘Black Birthing People’ Die En Masse Because Doctors ‘Don’t Believe Our Pain’


Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) went on a bizarre rant in front of Congress this week during which she monologued about the plight of “black birthing people,” an unspecified class that Bush believes is dying out en mass “every day” because “doctors don’t believe our pain.”

“Every day, black women are subjected to harsh and racist treatment during pregnancy and childbirth,” Bush said. “Every day black women die because the system denies our humanity. It denies us patient care.”

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“I sit before you today as a single mom, as a nurse, as an activist, and as a Congresswoman,” Bush boasted. “And I am committed to doing the absolute most to help black mothers, to protect black babies, to protect black birthing people, and to save lives.”

Bush did not elaborate on her definition of what “black birthing people” look like, and what, if any, distinctions can be drawn between this new class of people and black mothers.

Many commenters pointed out the apparent hypocrisy in Bush being allowed to pontificate about her mission to protect only “black mothers” and black children, while a similar monologue about white mothers and white children from a white lawmaker would undoubtedly be classified as white supremacy and domestic terrorism.

In related news, New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang was chased out of a Black lives Matter rally by angry black women who yelled at him, “You’re not wanted here”:

In the video, taken by local media organization FreedomNewsTV, Yang arrived to a protest helmeted and riding a bicycle while wearing business attire to show solidarity with Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old black man mistakenly shot while resisting arrest whose death set off a string of nationwide riots.

Though the protesters allowed Yang to ride his bike with them across the city, when they reached the site of the vigil the collective mood quickly took a sour turn.

“We don’t want you here! We do not want you here, and you are not welcome here!” a female protester yelled at Yang through a megaphone.

Another female activist seized the megaphone and yelled even louder, “We don’t want you here, you’re broke up, get out of here! Boo, shame on you Andrew Yang. Shame, shame, shame, shame!”

Yang then dejectedly rode his baby-seat-equipped bicycle away from the protest as the crowd serenaded him with a cacophony of boos.