VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Activist Doxxes Woman After Alleged Road Rage Incident


A viral video has emerged from Seattle showing a woman become hysterical as she was recorded for nearly 15 minutes after a Black Lives Matter activist followed her home as the result of an alleged off camera road rage incident, in which the camera man claims she brake checked him and raised her middle finger.

Throughout the 15 minute video, the woman attempted to cover her face and license plate number, while screaming that the camera man did not understand and claiming that he was attacking her. The man filming, Karlos Dillard, continued by revealing her license plate number and the outside of her home.

While Dillard’s accounts of the incident that compelled him to follow her home differ slightly throughout the video, at one point Dillard tells a bystander that the woman should apologize for calling him a racial slur.

At another point in the video, Dillard claims that a video of the road rage incident itself was posted to his Instagram. National File could not locate any such video on Dillard’s Instagram account.

“Karen, you are not going to sit there and flip me off,” Dillard explains in a shorter version of the video posted to his Twitter, under the handle @wypipo_h8, an apparent abbreviation for “white people hate.”

The woman replies with broken phrases in her inconsolable state, saying things such as: “I have a Black husband,” “You are totally calling me something that I am not,” and “You’re attacking me.”

The video has since gone viral on Twitter, with Dillard posting it in a tweet captioned, “This Karen cut me off, break [sic] checked some[almost causing a accident [sic] flipped me off and called me out of my name. She didn’t know I had time today.”

Aside from his Twitter handle, Dillard frequently posts about Black Lives Matter activism, including showing his attendance at local protests.

In one Instagram post, Dillard wrote “Day 3 of protest for me. My job as a comedian is to shine light into the darkness of society.”

On his website, Dillard claims he is “more than just a viral video star,” and says he “moved to Seattle, Wa to find” himself. He adds that he has “Had success in multiple areas including modeling for infamous Seattle Photograher Art Wolfe in his “Human Canvas Project”, several viral videos with CUT.COM and Stand Up Comedy.”

Pundit Mark Dice questioned Dillard, “So you stalked her, following her home, and posted the video of you harassing her, which you knew would go viral, thus doing the very thing she was concerned about which is why she panicked.”

Matt Walsh wrote, “Yes because we should believe a guy who literally says in his twitter handle that he hates white people. You’re full of s*** buddy. And posting a woman’s address and license plate is despicable.”