VIDEO: Black Man Racially Harasses, Threatens Young Students On D.C. Trip For Wearing MAGA Hats


Video footage from Washington, D.C. shows a black man going on a racist tirade against school children walking down the sidewalk, repeatedly screaming about “racist ass cr*ckas” and demanding that an elderly chaperone “do somethin’ cr*cka” in an attempt to instigate physical violence.

The man reportedly was enraged by MAGA hats worn by several of the children, who were on a youth trip to visit the White House.

“Racist ass cr*cka, get yo punk ass outta here,” the man screams at one of the students. “Put that punk ass Trump sign on my f**kin’ dick. Y’all racists ain’t sh*t to me, a real African.”

The man then follows up the racist and partly unintelligible tirade with accusations that the children he is screaming at must be “racist,” “delusional,” or “stupid.”

“Get over here dog,” the aggressor screams at one of the chaperones, who meekly responds with, “How are you doing, sir?”

“There ain’t no sir sh*t, nah f**k you dog, nah f**k you. F**k yo cr*cka ass!” comes the response. “Wassup? Do somethin’! Do somethin’! I wish you would.”

The students are then told they are walking on “Black Lives Matter Plaza.” A two-block section of 16th Street NW was christened “Black Lives Matter” plaza by Washington mayor Muriel Bowser in June, in an effort to placate Black Lives Matter rioters.

The man reportedly went on to grab the students’ MAGA hats and toss them over a wall.

The footage was posted to Twitter with the caption, “PSA: If your America loving teen wants to go on a youth trip to DC TODAY to visit the @WhiteHouse -this will happen to them. The EMOTIONAL mother of this boy sent me this video just this am! Cussed at & accosted for their Trump hats which then were taken and thrown over a wall…”

The video was also posted to Facebook.