VIDEO: Black Teens Beat, Rob White Boy At Gunpoint, Say ‘You Gonna Die Bro’


Footage that purportedly surfaced in Kansas City, Missouri and has been emblazoned with the watermark shows four black young men robbing, slapping, and repeatedly threatening a white teenager in an apparent armed robbery.

The video was posted to Twitter Wednesday morning, labeled as having occurred in Kansas City.

In the footage, the victim is – somewhat ironically – repeatedly called a “n*gga” as his phone, wallet, shoes, and headphones are purloined at the behest of three pistol muzzles.

“Run yo pockets n*gga,” the victim is told, and when he is slow to hand over his personal items his glasses are slapped off his face and he is grabbed by the back of the neck.

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“You’re gonna die bro,” the victim is told at one point.

A second screen-recorded video shows the robbers brandishing their weapons for the camera, showing off their take from the heist.

“Ran that n*gga for his Airpods bro, ran that n*gga for his shoes bro,” the cameraman says. “Gang a*s sh*t out here bro, don’t play with us bro.”

The victim is shown in a slumped posture in the back seat at the end of the video as one of the aggressors blurts out “Don’t f*cking play with the gang bro.”

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