VIDEO: Black ‘Teens’ Rob White Boys’ Neighborhood Lemonade Stand at Gunpoint for $30


Video footage shows a sidewalk lemonade stand ran by white children in the city of Peoria, Illinois being robbed at gunpoint by black “teens,” who absconded with a take of $30 from the victim’s cash box.

13-year-old Jude Peterson was selling lemonade with his friends from a stand on the street corner in front of his parents’ home when the two suspects approached.

Video footage from a neighbor’s security camera captured what happened next. The leader of the duo displayed an object that appeared to be a firearm and snatched the cash box containing some $30 from the boys’ table.

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The two suspects then fled on foot.

Jude Peterson’s father Nathan described the experience as “pretty intense” in an interview, stating, “I just almost blacked out a little bit.”

Despite the initial shock of hearing that his son had been the victim of a violent crime, Nathan Peterson said the real impact of the crime was the kindness and compassion later shown towards the boys’ lemonade business by neighbors.

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Police are still searching for the suspects.

Despite being a particularly bizarre and egregious crime, the story has not received coverage outside of social media. Comparisons have been drawn to the recent murder of 5-year-old white boy Cannon Hinnant, who was executed at point blank range in front of his sisters on his front lawn.

A hashtag #SayHisName campaign for Hinnant’s family broke into the mainstream on Thursday, forcing the story to be seen by millions of Twitter users who would have not heard about it otherwise.

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