VIDEO: BLM and Wall of Moms Organizer Allegedly Joined in Gang Beating of Unconscious Man in Portland Riots


A man responsible for the brutal beating of a white man during last night’s Portland Antifa/Black Lives Matter riots has been identified as a Black Lives Matter and Wall of Moms organizer after internet sleuths put the pieces together when footage from the beating circulated social media.

The Portland riots have raged on for over two-and-a-half months since the in-custody death of George Floyd on May 25 by Minneapolis police. On Sunday night a man, who was apparently attempting to escape the mob, crashed his car into a light pole following their harassment. The mob had reportedly tackled a blonde woman to the ground. After the victim’s botched escape, the mob could be heard laughing as the terrified man crashed his vehicle.

After the victim crashed, he was pulled from his truck and beaten unconscious in a savage attack. As his wife, restrained by the mob, sobbed in the background while activists rummaged through his truck.

The unidentified victim’s wife was also attacked by the violent mob as blows were dealt to the sitting driver.

The victim was heard telling the encircling mob “I ain’t tryna hurt no one” and “I was trying to get out the way,”  as he tried to plead for his safety. Members of the mob were heard using the N-word as a racial slur against driver as he was beaten.

The mob temporarily dispersed to watch another fight, but at the end of the clip, the man who is allegedly a BLM and Wall of Moms organizer, entered the scene in and kicked him in the head from behind, causing his head to crack on the asphalt, and knocking him unconscious.

Drew Hernandez from the Lives Matter Show posted footage from the horrendous assault on social media.

Following the brutal one-sided beating of the defenseless man, tech-savvy internet sleuths managed to identify the alleged attacker, in a crime some have dubbed “attempted murder.”

Post Millennial journalist Andy Ngo tweeted: “Post Millennial is reporting that the BLM ‘security’ filmed beating the Portland driver unconscious is Marquise ‘Keese’ Lee Love. He has not been accused or charged by police. Love has a criminal history that includes charges of domestic violence.”

Love has still not been arrested or charged by police, but was charge with fourth degree assault and harassment in a 2017 domestic violence case, per Post Millennial.

The unidentified victim’s condition is still unknown. Antifa paramedics treated the victim, but 911 was called and had arrived to administer proper treatment to the victim.