VIDEO: BLM Supporters Run Over, Beat Raccoon to Death


A shocking video, reportedly taking place in New York City, has gone viral on social media showing a group of Black Lives Matter supporters run over and savagely beat a terrified raccoon to death as they laugh at the poor animal’s fate.

In the video, a cheering crowd begins by celebrating how one driver ran over the defenseless animal. The injured raccoon, clearly terrified, is then encircled by the group who laugh at its situation.

One man picks up a baseball bat and strikes it several times all over its body, leaving it bloodied, but alive.

Another man assumes the role of continuing the savage beating by picking up the baseball bat and proceeding to rain multiple blows on the raccoon’s head. As more blood is drawn, the life gradually disappears from the raccoon’s body.

The group responsible cheers, laughs at, and mocks the cornered animal throughout.

WARNING: The Video is graphic and maybe upsetting for some viewers.

An animal rights activist, by the pseudonym “Lite Pimp,” who posted the videos to Twitter managed to find some of those responsible for the savage beating.

One of the men, James Blue, who filmed the sickening footage managed to blame Trump and support Black Lives Matter in his defense of the disgraceful beating.

“I’ve videotaped it. Worry about your President [and] the dumb sh** he did, you come get me,” he writes. “Black Lives Matter–worry about the police killing Black people. [They’re] treating us like animals–I would videotape it.”

The amateur cameraman then added: “Worry about the police killing black people. You’re worried about an animal. Crazy.”

Blue’s niece then came out saying that “only white peoples worry about this.”

National File report on a disturbing case of animal abuse to take place during the George Floyd riots where a pit bull puppy stolen from a puppy mill and physically abused live on local news coverage was found dead the following day by an animal rights group.