VIDEO: Boris Johnson Calls Veganism ‘A Crime Against Cheese Lovers’


United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a stunning claim suggesting that veganism was a “crime against cheese lovers” and “takes so much concentration.”

Johnson was mocked for his pronunciation of “vegan” following an interview on his New Year’s resolutions where he vowed to lose weight.

The interviewer for BBC Breakfast, Dan Walker, asked the Prime Minister if he would be experimenting with ‘veganuary’–where participants consume only plant-based products throughout the month of January, largely as an attempt to lose weight or to feel healthier.

Johnson responded that it would take too much thought.

The PM told Walker, “No, I’m not, no I’m not. I had thought of it – but it requires so much concentration.”

He continued, “I do take my hat off to vegans who can handle it, who can manage to avoid non-vegan products.”

The interviewer, Mr Walker, later asked the Prime Minister if it was because he would miss bacon sandwiches.

Johnson responded that he would miss “the whole lot.”

The Evening Standard reported that the Prime Minister added, “You can’t eat cheese can you? You can’t eat cheese if you’re a vegan?”

As Mr Johnson began to say, “It’s just a crime against,” Mr Walker interjected: “against cheese lovers?”

The PM, agreeing, said, “A crime against cheese lovers.”

Johnson butchered the pronunciation of the word ‘vegan,’ which he accidentally said as ‘vee-gan,’ almost rhyming with the word ‘began.’

One person commented: “Although a good interview, Best bit of this has been how #BorisJohnson pronounced vegan (ve-gan)!”

The humorous exchange came from an interview about possible Iran escalations and the Royal Family crisis.

Veganism was also recently granted a protected status in the UK.

In a landmark case, ethical veganism constituted a philosophical belief.

Mocking adherents of ethical veganism in the workplace could be considered a crime.