VIDEO: British Football Hooligans Chase, Beat BLM Rioters In Streets Of London


Video footage reportedly shows British football (soccer) hooligans chasing down and delivering sound beatings to rioters and looters reportedly associated with Black Lives Matter in the street of the United Kingdom’s capitol city.

The hooligans, who are reportedly fans of Premier League team West Ham United Football Club, did not seem to be impressed by a large crowd of race rioters that had gathered by night along storefronts and sidewalks. Riots in the U.K. had previously resulted in the injuring of 27 police officers over the weekend.

In the video, a large gaggle of looters described in the video description as Black Lives Matter activists can be seen being chased down the street by a team of football hooligans, some of whom are wielding long metal pipes.

The football lads catch up to some of the rioters and strike them down in a flurry of fisticuffs.

“Oh, he got whacked off the head,” one of the men filming the encounter from a second story window exclaims.

“He’s got his phone,” another chimes in, referencing an attempt by one of the BLM members to film the incident for social media on a camera phone.

One of the looters is knocked to the ground, where he is kicked and slugged once about the ribs with a pipe before the hooligans decide their work is done.

The video footage can be viewed below.

The footage was also posted to Twitter with the caption, “The Democratic Football Lads Alliance will organize trips from across the UK to London next Saturday to protect WW2 monuments from BLM vandals. #TommyRobinson will there too The first clashes have already taken place. On Sunday,some #WestHam hooligans attacked a BLM group.”

British football fan clubs have reportedly mobilized to protect monuments and statues from desecration of the hands of political vandals.