VIDEO: British Muslim Comedian Makes Joke About Rape Gangs on Public Television


A Channel 4 Muslim comedian of Pakistani descent made a distasteful skit poking fun at grooming gangs, who have operated across the United Kingdom for decades with tens of thousands of disaffected British girls being systemically groomed, sexually abused, prostituted, and even killed on an industrial scale.

The comedian, Tez Ilyas, recently drew ample criticism for a short video praising migrant workers requesting British people to clap for them.

According to Politicalite, the skit was taken from The Tez O’clock Show, which joked about an “Asian grooming kit”–a clear reference to Asian grooming gangs–as Ilyas awkwardly attempted to jokingly downplay his female assistant’s presentation of a grooming kit.

The Tez O’clock Show is broadcast on Channel 4, a publicly owned television channel that is included in the controversial television license offered by the United Kingdom government that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly considering abolishing.

In the skit, the “Asian grooming kit” was specifically popular with Asian men of Pakistani origin.

Ilyas attempts to dispel the claims, suggesting that all men were partial to grooming and that the narrative of Pakistani men being most likely to “groom” was simply media sensationalism and due to discredited studies.

Politicalite reported:

There is also a sinister undertone to this clip as well, with the problem being dismissed as ‘all men’ enjoy grooming, that the ‘study’ involved (referring to the Quilliam Foundation research that 84% of grooming gang arrests from 2005 onwards were from Asian descent) was ‘flawed and discredited’ (without any evidence, obviously) and that it was all just ‘media sensationalism’.

He even flat out denies the problem, by claiming that there was no link between ‘Pakistani men and grooming’, of which is false given the aforementioned Quilliam Foundation’s research. It concludes with an awkward circumcision joke.

Right-wing pundit Katie Hopkins took to Twitter to voice her anger at the provocative skit.

Hopkins wrote, “I fail to understand how the rape of our young white girls by gangs is a subject for satire or comedy.”

“Here the child behind #YouClapForMeNow uses the rape of our white children by grooming gangs for some cheap laughs.”

Social media did not take the skit too well.

“Just imagine this vice versa! There would be global outrage,and the Virtual signallers foaming at the mouths!” Commented one Twitter user.

“Exactly my thoughts. Put the shoe on the other foot and watch the Lefties Scream,” wrote another.

A third remarked, “It just goes to show that the Pakistani people in Britain are well aware of the grooming gangs run by their sons. A ban on travel from Pakistan would be great and we could begin to drain the swamp from within our country.”

As a response to the backlash, Ilyas doubled down, saying, “Lol. The snowflake right have found this sketch I made last year and have taken it at face value rather than the satirisation of media sensationalism and trigger words.”

He added, “Bless them and their ‘free speech’.”