VIDEO: Caches of Bricks Appearing in NYC Riot Hot Spots


According to a post from Commissioner Dermot Shea, caches of rocks have been strategically left around rioting hot spots in New York City as the country is overwhelmed by a series of riots across the country which paralyzed dozens of major cities.

The alarming revelation comes after pallets of bricks and rocks were reportedly discovered across several major cities–seemingly to facilitate rioters’ wanton destruction of embattled streets.

The short clip reveals blue boxes full of rocks, randomly on a New York street.

In Commissioner Shea’s post, he tweeted: “This is what our cops are up against: Organized looters, strategically placing caches of bricks & rocks at locations throughout NYC.”

Despite the footage, many commenters were not swayed by the images.

One wrote: “NYC has one of the most extensive networks of surveillance cameras in the world. Show us the video of who left those bricks there. There’s a high probability that such video exists.”

“Do you have evidence for who put them there and that it was indeed done by looters?” asked another.

Reports of pallets of bricks appearing in major cities were also heard. National File reported on bricks found in Manhattan:

In Manhattan, a pile of bricks was left out in a construction area, caught on camera and uploaded to social media in a tweet that read: ““Yo, we got bricks. We got bricks!”—#Rioters in Manhattan chanced upon a cache in the street equipped with bricks and a shovel at 10:01 p.m. on Second Ave between St. Marks Pl. and Seventh St.”

The first video to go viral was from Dallas, Texas, as a protester filmed a pallet of bricks which appeared outside of the city hall:

In video footage from Dallas, Texas, a pallet of bricks appeared outside of Dallas City Hall as rioters across the country continue to damage property and loot almost unabated, while authorities in some areas adopt a questionable “hands-off” approach.

In the footage, the stack of bricks is set up on the middle of the pavement. The person filming tells their viewers: “this right here? This is a set up,” while the other person said: “they put this here on purpose, bro.”

As the walk away from the bricks, they inform that there are no construction sites nearby. One of the men asks: “where do them bricks go to?”

“Ain’t no damn construction around here,” he added, before continuing, “y’all just gonna set up a pallet of bricks right here, aww, ok?”

“I did jury duty three months ago, y’all don’t keep no bricks right there–do better,” he concluded.

In spite of the appearances of bricks and rocks, some have remained skeptical suggesting that the blunt objects were part of construction projects or that filming was staged to push a sinister narrative.