VIDEO: Chaos Ensues as Climate Change Protester Glues Self to Airplane


A member of the United Kingdom climate change protest group, Extinction Rebellion, glued himself to an airplane in an apparent effort to fight climate change.

The UK Extinction Rebellion protesting climate change has certainly produced some bizarre stunts, which have gone viral on social media.

In a previous Extinction Rebellion protest in April, a woman glued her breasts to a sidewalk outside Goldman Sachs.

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A man, identified as paralympian cyclist, James Brown, glued himself to the top of a British Airways airplane at London City airport.

Brown, 54, won bronze at London 2012 Paralympics streamed himself as he was glued atop a plane saying, “Here I am on top of a f****** aeroplane at City Airport. I hate heights, I’m s******* myself, I managed to get on the roof. I am so shaky.”

Questions concerning the security at London City Airport have been made after the partially blind athlete could gain access to the tar and scale a plane.

It isn’t the first time London City Airport suffered a breach at the hands of protesters. In 2016, seven out of nine BLM activists chained themselves to a tripod on the airport runway, grounding several flights.

Brown was arrested last month at Heathrow airport in another activist-led event where a drone was flown near the airport.

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According to

“This is all about the climate and ecological crisis, we’re protesting against government inaction on climate and ecological breakdown. They declare a climate emergency and then do nothing about it.

“In fact they go the opposite direction, they sanction the expansion of airports, Heathrow, Bristol and others. We can’t let this go on, we can’t have our cake and eat it.”

He later noticed security were approaching and said, “Oh good security are coming. I hope they don’t take too long because this is f****** scary.”

Of course, some of the antics from the protests haven’t quite been warmly received.

The protests have gone international.

An Aer Lingus flight was also delayed–this time, for ten minutes–after a man in his late middle age filmed himself deliver a bloviating lecture to incensed passengers on a flight to Dublin.

While the Extinction Rebel has drawn plenty of media attention over the past few days, the Gillets Jaunes protests in France–which will soon mark its first anniversary–have attracted minimal attention from the Western press.