VIDEO: CHAZ/CHOP Sets Up ‘Racially Segregated’ Areas in Name of Social Justice


According to a recent video emerging from the Capital Hill Occupied Zone in Seattle, inhabitants of the anarchist commune appear to have begun racially segregating.

A few days ago it was revealed that the means of horticultural production were segregated by race as the urban green-thumbed anarchists attempted to cultivate food on the basis of race in some meme-worthy images circulating social media.

National File even reported on demands from within the zone where white denizens were urged to pay black people $10 each for their being black.

In the video, white citizens are forming a perimeter to protect the black space. The cameraman approaches one of the women holding a placard and encircling the black space.

The cameraman asks: “how long is the ‘black out’ going on for?”

To which the girl replies: “until 8pm.”

The cameraman, keen to enter the black space, continues: “the thing is, I’m half-Italian and half-Colombian, so do I get a pass to get in there?”

“Well, this space, right now, is held for just black folks,” she replies.

The girl goes onto explain that only those who have experienced oppression for their blackness can enter the zone, promptly ending the tongue-in-cheek racial hair-splitting.

Social media commenters who watched the clip pointed out the undoing of Civil Rights Era triumphs in the name of progressive social justice.

One person found humor in a white person determining whether somebody was oppressed.

“So — the white people decide if people have been oppressed enough and if they meet the necessary hereditary qualifications before they are permitted access the ‘black only’ area? Lolol,” they wrote.

CHOP was formed during the George Floyd riots a few weeks ago amid the resurgence of Black Lives Matter’s global protests.

A Black Lives Matter co-founder told an interviewer that the leaders of the movement were “trained Marxists” in 2015 as many have queried the movement’s political bent.

A local BLM chapter co-founder also penned a piece demanding white people to give up their homes as more anti-white narratives are promoted with the media attack concepts of “privilege” on a near-daily basis.