VIDEO: CHAZ Tells White People to Pay Black People $10 Each


The radical left-anarchist commune, to have sprouted in Seattle after the local police precinct abandoned the area during the George Floyd riots, has collected a form of white sumptuary tax to disbursed on their black denizens–white CHAZites are to pay black CHAZ-dwellers $10 each.

In a clip, a CHAZ speaker was heard requesting white people within the autonomous zone: “I want you to give $10 to one African-American person from this autonomous zone.”

The speaker went onto argue:  “If you have a hard time giving up $10 dollars, you got to think about are you really down with this struggle? Are you really down with the movement? Because if this is a challenge for you, I’m not sure you’re in the right place.”

“White people, I see every single one of you and I remember your faces,” the speaker continued, in an attempt to guilt CHAZ’s white citizens.

Many commenters on social media laid into the concept of racial reparations for past wrongs.

“I would rather burn it than give it to someone I owe nothing! How far back in the history books are we willing to go ? I want money from the Romans and Vikings!” one person tweeted.

“I don’t see the Egyptians paying back any money for all the slave labor that built the great pyramids. As a matter of fact they’re still getting millions from the tourism of those pyramids until this very day,” added another.

Another person tweeted: “Chaz is a glimpse into their true intentions. Strange how people are being judged by the color of their skin. When that’s what all this is about.”

“Or how do I figure out how much to pay if I’m part Irish, part black, part Hispanic, and part Native American? P.S. none of my people were slaves nor slave owners. I’m so confused about whether I’m getting money or giving money,” replied one social media user.

A third chimed in: “What about descendants of black people who kidnapped other blacks and sold them into slavery, do they give or receive?”

The topic of reparations has become hotly contested in recent years, with Democratic politicians mainstreaming the concept for political points-scoring, disregarding the preexisting welfare state or net tax contributions per capita.