VIDEO: China Factory Worker Laughs As He Rubs Face Masks On Shoe


A sickening video has appeared on social media showing a chuckling factory worker in China deliberately contaminate face masks.

The laughing factory worker–who isn’t properly wearing his own face mask–appears to take pleasure in rubbing the face masks against his shoe at a time much of the world struggles to cope with the extra pressure brought about by the deadly Covid-19, which originated in China.

In a tweet captioned, “This is SICKENING! It’s time to bring manufacturing back home to America,” a growing sentiment against offshoring was repeated.

Unsurprisingly, the video received several negative remarks.

One Twitter account angrily tweeted: “I think halt everything on its way from China right now! Freeze their assets and confiscate their property and everything else they have here that will break their economy!”

A second person remarked: “China is not a “business partner” or neutral entity.

“They are a hostile foreign state and need to be treated as such. Too bad much of our media and politicians are owned by China themselves or by donors with heavy business ties to China relying on cheap labor/manufacturing.”

Other social media users eloquently vented their frustrations against the worker and China.

The pseudonymous China pundit, Harry Chen, reportedly spoke with Taiwan News and informed them that the original video had been posted to Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

The factory where the video took place is reportedly located in the Jiangsu province city of Zhenjiang.

In Chen’s video, he remarked, “Chinese factory worker runs his shoes on the masks asking the camera man if this is good enough. Are these the masks for export??? Can we trust China to do the west’s manufacturing?”

According to Chen, Taiwan News reported that the video was pulled from Douyin as soon as Chinese authorities had been made aware of its existence.