VIDEO: Chinese Police Critically Injure Pro-Freedom Protester


Protesters in Hong Kong, evidently unarmed, were shot and critically wounded by regular police, on Monday, signaling a shift in policy from previously deploying special protest police, after a protester died of head wounds Friday.

The Chinese Communist regime who hopes to end the student-led liberty movement rising up in the region has shocked the world by allowing police to use deadly tactics to squash political opponents.

Pro-China mega-corporations like Nike and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, have yet to comment on  the latest instance of what many see as unjustified violence being deployed against innocent protesters.

Just as it appeared that protests were being to wind down, world news reports highlighted protesters in intensive care after being shot and on fire, after protesting in the streets showing shocking and graphic video of the live shootings.

Friday a 22-year-old student was killed after clashes with the police, where he received deadly head wounds from a fall.

“The news of the death caused shock and grief across the city – but also triggered protests and violence,” reported South China Morning Post, Friday.

Local DW.Com reported on statements made by professor Ma Ngok from Hong Kong’s Chinese University:

“The police’s action of firing live rounds at protesters shows the recent trend of frontline police adopting more extreme measures against protesters during clashes. Because of the pressure on both sides, I think the situation in Hong Kong is getting more and more dangerous.”

“I haven’t seen the police propose concrete actions to show how they would address complaints from society. No police officer has been punished or investigated for their actions over the last five months, and if the police department thinks some officers have committed mistakes, they really need to do something to address the problem,” Ngok said.

Footage shows critically wounded young protesters.

Protesters have been shot with live rounds and been violently attacked for their protests over government policies.

The Government in Beijing, which controls Hong Kong, has been quiet so far about the uprising over their policies and tactics to squash political opposition, pushing off the responsibility to local police.  Leaders of the protest movement say that has angered people even more.

Also causing distrust of the Chinese Communist government and angry protests is the banning of activist Joshua Wong in the upcoming  Hong Kong elections.

Wong said, “I’m not the only leader of this movement, and it is not about political activists mobilizing people to come to the streets. The hardline policy of President Xi and how Carrie Lam is restricting the freedom of the people of Hong Kong are the two main motivators for people to come out to the streets.”