VIDEO: Chinese State Media Posts Clip of ‘Infected Patients’ Dancing Awkwardly in Wuhan Hospital


The state-run Chinese newspaper People’s Daily posted another video concerning the effect of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan to Twitter on Monday.

The video shows patients at a temporary hospital in Wuhan shuffling around and waving their arms to Chinese music at an apparent impromptu dance event led by a medical team in hazmat gear.

Virus can’t put out the passion for life!” the video was captioned. “Video shows #coronavirus infected patients with mild syndromes isolated in a temporary hospital in #Wuhan taking up dancing.”

Another video posted by People’s Daily shows a doctor practicing “Chinese traditional Qigong” outside a quarantine chamber.

“A medic harmonizes the ward showing Chinese traditional Qigong outside a quarantine chamber,” the caption reads, “as if telling the patients: ‘Don’t worry. Things will get better.’”

In other coronavirus-related news, the Chinese government released footage of fleets of trucks patrolling the streets of Wuhan spraying chemicals in the air to as part of “disinfection” efforts:

Chinese government-owned newspaper The People’s Daily released video of the “disinfection” of the city of Wuhan featuring fire trucks and platoons of men in hazmat gear roaming the streets and spraying chemicals in the air.

The People’s Daily, which is the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, posted the video to Twitter.

“Full-front disinfection work has started in #Wuhan, an effort to contain the spread of #coronavirus,” the tweet caption read.

In the footage, fleets of fire trucks can be seen rolling down the streets of Wuhan spraying some type of chemicals, presumably disinfectant, into the air.

The flashing emergency lights and clouds of mist create an interesting scene on what appear to be otherwise deserted streets.

The Chinese government and WHO have repeatedly insisted that the coronavirus outbreak is under control, and that the Chinese government has done a remarkable job combating the pathogen.