VIDEO: Chinese Woman Forcibly Ejected from Halal Butcher


With many diverse scenes emerging from the UK, coupled with various accusations of racism thrown around as citizens react to the coronavirus pandemic, come several images dispelling media narratives.

Since the rise of the global Covid-19 crisis, the mainstream media has run pieces condemning the rise of racism in Western countries.

However, many of the accusations of racism have been wrongly appointed.

In a video captioned, “Further happy scenes from multicultural London. Chinese woman forcibly ejected from halal butcher shop,” the short clip shows the woman of Chinese origin being forcefully removed–and literally kicked out–from the store.


Had the shopkeeper been of English descent, the story would’ve been national, if not, international, news.

Since the perpetrators are immune to accusations of racism, the wider media would not be so keen on publishing the story.

Many of those commenting on the post voiced similar sentiments–targeting the media’s double standards in applying their condemnations.

One commenter said: “Image the media explosion if the shop owners were white. The privileged racists.”

“Its OK, they’re not white–its not racist,” remarked another.

A third critiqued the current state of Britain, writing: “Who would’ve thought our country and our lives would have sunk to these depths?!”

At the moment, Britain appears to be struggling with containing the spread of the coronavirus after seemingly hesitating before taking action.

Some argue that Britain’s infection rates appear to be on course to rival Italy–but being two weeks behind.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also warned that similar lockdowns to those in Italy could be implemented in the UK.