VIDEO: CNN Reporter Says Taliban Terrorists Are ‘Friendly’ As They Chant ‘Death To America’


The Taliban has taken over the nation of Afghanistan after Joe Biden suddenly withdrew US forces, resulting in a disastrous humanitarian crisis along with serious national security implications. One reporter from CNN in Afghanistan on video said that the Taliban militants shouting “death to America” seemed “friendly at the same time.”

As the United States waits to hear from Joe Biden after his decision to suddenly pull US forces from Afghanistan, resulting in a humanitarian crisis and military failure that has been compared to that of the Vietnam War, which saw American citizens climbing to the roof of the US embassy to be flown to safety as chaos ensued around them, one CNN reporter on the scene in Afghanistan said that the Taliban militants shouting “death to America” also seemed “friendly at the same time.”

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“They’re chanting Death to America,” said the CNN reporter, who was wearing a hijab as Taliban militants, armed with assault rifles and Taliban imagery, shouted and celebrated behind her in the streets. “But they seem friendly at the same time.”

Similarly on MSNBC, Ali Arouzi claimed that the Taliban terrorist takeover in Afghanistan following the rapid US withdrawal was “mostly peaceful.”

National File previously reported that videos from the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan have shown large crowds of Afghani people clinging to a United States Air Force C-17A aircraft as it took off from the runway. Additional video depicted a horrifying and tragic scene as they fell out of the sky, seemingly to their deaths as they attempted to flee the country following the ongoing Taliban takeover directly resulting from the Biden regime’s decision to suddenly withdraw US forces from Afghanistan. (READ MORE: BREAKING: Biden Remains In Hiding From The Media As Taliban Storms Kabul, Forces U.S. Diplomats To Flee Embassy)

The crisis in Afghanistan can only be described as violent, tragic, and brutal. Aside from the violence at the Kabul airport and in the streets of the Capital of the country, Taliban militants in Kandahar are slaughtering civilians in the streets. Taliban forces are currently going door to door searching for Afghan soldiers who fought alongside the United States. The US embassy in Kabul has since been overtaken, with the US flag lowered. Taliban forces have overtaken the Afghan Presidential Palace and conducted a photo op with machine guns. Neighboring nations are gearing up for a surge in migration from Afghanistan as citizens flee the Taliban. (READ MORE: VIDEO: Gunman Opens Fire On Man Attempting To Jump Wall Of Kabul Airport In Afghanistan) Due to the rapid nature of the withdrawal that has resulted in widespread criticism of Joe Biden, American lives are in danger in Afghanistan and a force of 6000 US troops will be deployed to secure their escape.