VIDEO: Commuter Headbutts Afghan Migrant Threatening to Stab People on Train


A jaw-dropping viral video doing the rounds on social media containing an unconventional citizen’s arrest on a passenger causing trouble on a train has emerged.

In the video, two men are seen arguing, before a taller ginger man delivers a seismic headbutt to floor a shorter brown-haired man who appears to be causing a stir.

Danut Buftea, 29, of no fixed address, was filmed ranting at passengers before a taller passenger snapped at him.

The row is believe to have started after Buftea struck a 60-year-old passenger several times over seating arrangements and for harassing a female passenger.

The headbutted man, Buftea, then shouted at passengers, threatening to stab them.

He had also been restrained by the taller ginger man for five to six minutes before delivering the immense blow.

According to an eye witness, he had also been mumbling, “I’m from f***ing Afghanistan.”

Transport police say that the man was arrested when the train arrived at Upminster station.

Buftea was further arrested on suspicion of carrying a knife.

Buftea will appear before magistrates for a public order offense on October 5th.

While the footage remains short, eyewitnesses state that there had been around fifteen minutes commotion building up to the headbutt.

In the footage, before the fearsome headbutt, Buftea can be seen shouting “Look at me, I’m stupid! Look at me, I’m stupid!”

There was an eclectic mix of feelings at the headbutt, ranging from cheers, laughs, and horror.

Fellow commuters have called the taller man, thought to be a City Worker, a ‘hero’ for standing up to Buftea, who had been acting in a violent and threatening manner.