VIDEO: Concealed Carrier Drops Armed Robber With 3 Headshots


CCTV footage from a shop in Brazil shows a concealed carrier customer stop an armed robber by shooting him three times in the head from close range.

According to unconfirmed reports, the customer, wearing civilian clothing, was an off-duty police officer.

The customer is at the counter, minding his own business, until a man outside splinters off from other potential customers to enter the shop, drawing a weapon and pointing it at the clerk.

As the incident transpires, the two men about to enter the shop disperse.

The incident is short, over in a matter of seconds, when the customer coolly unholsters his pistol before firing several rounds into the robber’s right temple, fatally wounding him.

The Tweet reads: “Congratulations to the boy for his courage! Four innocent lives were saved.

“Advice to robbers: a new era has begun in Brazil.

“Enjoy the wave of growth in our country and find a job, get out of crime, and happy 2020.”

The rapidity in which the concealed carrier dispatches the robber possibly indicates prior training.

According to Personal Defense World:

Even more remarkable is the sheer speed at which the attack happens. From the time the armed robber walks into the building, only roughly six seconds transpire before the concealed carrier pulls his gun and fires. So in six seconds, the man recognizes the threat, moves his hand discreetly to his waistband, and draws his pistol. Footage shows him reacquire the gun to gain a better grip. Then he moves swiftly and fires into the gunman.

The other key fact that stands out is the conviction shown by the concealed carrier. Once he decides to fire, he keeps on firing until the suspect remains down. The very first shot appears to enter the suspect’s head. But he shockingly remains upright, potentially still a threat. The concealed carrier then keeps firing until the threat is completely down and out on the ground.