VIDEO: Congressional Democrat Hides Face From Screen, Shouts ‘Racist’ At Bob Good For Opposing Critical Race Theory


A Democrat member of Congress who had hidden his face from view shrieked “racist” over Virginia Representative Bob Good’s remarks during a video chat-based Congressional hearing on education this week as the conservative Congressman from Virginia’s 5th District spoke out against the use of critical race theory in schools.

On-screen to address the hearing which featured Biden Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and largely centered around the adoption of critical race theory into K-12 education, Good spoke out on the previously reported events of this week’s Loudoun County School Board meeting where district parents were arrested for opposing critical race theory after left-wing board members moved to shut down public comment.

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Before he could finish, Good was shouted over with an accusation of racism by New Jersey Democrat Don Norcross, who attempted to hide his face from view but was given away when his name flashed across the screen upon speaking.

“One of the largest counties in Virginia, the board of education there, rather than take parental criticism they shut down public comment,” Good said in addressing the hearing. “They adjourned the meeting and they actually called the police to come in and arrest parents,” he continued, immediately before Norcross shouted “racist!” over him.

Seeming to have ignored the left-wing heckler, Good then warned Cardona and fellow members of Congress against spreading the anti-white curriculum nationwide, saying “I hope you will not nationalize a culture war that started in Virginia.”

In a tweet posted shortly following the incident, Good reiterated his opposition to critical race theory, calling for Americans to “stand strong” against the radical doctrine.

Illinois Congresswoman Mary Miller stepped up in defense of Good and America’s schoolchildren following the incident, posting to Twitter that the teaching of critical race theory is “absurd” and something that should be discussed and debated, as opposed to rammed down the throats of Americans.

“Thank you for standing strong on this critical issue,” Miller tweeted to Good.

Norcross denies having shouted out “racist” during the hearing, but as many online commenters have pointed out, “everyone knows how webcams work.”