VIDEO: Conor McGregor Keeps Claymore Sword His Ancestors Used to Repel Invaders As ‘Reminder’ Of Family Lineage


Mixed-martial arts star Conor Mcgregor revealed that he keeps his family’s claymore sword wrapped in sheepskin and hanging from the banister of the stairs in his home as a reminder of “where I come from, and who I am.”

McGregor sat down for an interview with life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins, in which he discussed the power of self-determination and visualization and the effect those strategies have had on his fighting career.

The UFC star described how as an Irishman he was looked down upon and mocked for pursuing a career in combat sports, despite his own family’s rich legacy as Highland warriors.

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“You know, my family is a great family, I have a loving family: my mother, my father, my two sisters. But my lineage, the McGregor lineage, we are bled on the battlefield,” McGregor said. “You can trace my lineage back to the Highlands, where we fought invaders off of our land with our family sword, the claymore.”

“I saw the sword in your office, just earlier, and I was wondering where that sword was from,” Mcgregor told Robbins, adding, “I have my family sword, it’s a claymore, it’s wrapped in sheepskin, and I have it hanging on the banisters of my stairs, just to remind me of where I come from, and who I am. We are warriors, we are fighters.”

The first fighter to ever hold UFC championship belts in multiple weight divisions went on to add that in recent months, he has stopped focusing on acquiring materialistic possessions and has instead focused on his physical health.

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“You cannot have a strong mind without a strong body,” McGregor said.

The interview can be watched below.