VIDEO: ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ Man Licks Whole Shelf of Hygiene Products


Another video of a man licking things he should not be, has circulated social media after a few disgusting videos, for the purpose of chasing clout, have surfaced, much to the horror of social media users.

This time a self-described “nasty moths [sic] f*****” films himself on a Snapchat video licking an entire row of hygiene products at an unnamed supermarket.

The horrifying video was introduced in a tweet captioned, “The #CoronaVirusChallenge has evolved. Now these absolute fools are targeting grocery stores. 5-6 years in prison should be enough to make other wannabe internet-celebrities think twice before endangering the health of the rest of us,” rekindling a discussion where tampering with supermarket products should be dealt with heavy punishments.

Most of the comments to the short clips praised potential extreme measures in dealing with this kind of behavior–which has become almost epidemic within this pandemic.

“In North Korea he would be executed. That’s why sometimes everyone can see some good points in authoritarianism isn’t it?” remarked a Twitter user.

Another said: “If I seen some young punk doing this, I’d smash his head into the floor.”

“I hope this vile thing is arrested completely with the virus and having to isolate in a lonely single prison cell with some real nasty buggers waiting for the door to be unlocked,” a third chimed in.

The video resurrected last year’s food tampering craze which saw several young people post disturbing images on social media showing themselves licking or messing with packed foodstuffs–mostly ice cream–for the express purpose of gain clout, despite legal repercussions for their 15 seconds of fame.

Since then, two viral videos have done the rounds on social media showing clout-thirsty personalities lick toilets as part of the bizarre “Coronavirus Challenge.”

The gross trend has, in most cases, been met with condemnation for the unnecessary attention-starved stunts.