VIDEO: Crowder Stays In Raz Simone’s Luxury Airbnb, Invites Leftists To Party Inside


Conservative journalist and podcast host Steven Crowder was ousted by armed thugs from a million-dollar Airbnb apartment owned by CHOP Warlord Solomon ‘Raz’ Simone, after Crowder invited leftists inside for an “after party” and declared it the “new CHAZ.”

“No clue why Raz Simone is so mad when we paid to stay at his AirBnb,” Crowder wrote on Twitter. “We didn’t even get to stay the night! 1 star.”

Upon finding out about the situation, Simone issued a thinly veiled threat to Crowder.

“Hope y’all enjoyed your stay!” Simone wrote back sarcastically. “You’ve seen what I do to people who graffiti walls that aren’t there’s but I’ll let this one slide cuz it’s cute and y’all funny funny.”

Simone was recorded on video appearing to assault a man for spraying over another man’s graffiti in the early days of CHOP’s existence, then still known as CHAZ, in a move that potentially secured his grasp on the 6-block autonomous zone.

Twitter users were quick to correct Simone’s grammar, noting that “theirs” should have been used in place of “there’s”. Simone then went on to bizarrely claim that this faux pas was intentional.

“No, that was intentional,” Simone added. “I don’t think the wall is there did my grammar trigger you?”

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According to The Stonk Market, Crowder declared Simone’s apartment the ‘New CHAZ’ and erected posters all around the now-Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) inviting leftists to squat inside.

This quickly drew Simone’s ire, and he ultimately dispatched armed thugs to expel Crowder, his associates and the ‘after party’ attendees from the property.

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Raz Simone is a former pimp and Soundcloud rapper who recently rose to fame as the violent warlord ruling the CHOP. He has already been accused of multiple human rights abuses within the anarcho-communist autonomous zone.

National File previously revealed how Simone faced a rebellion by leftists uncomfortable with his leadership:

This wasn’t the only division in the CHAZ political machine. One angry resident said at a community meeting that a man who appears to be Raz Simone had “hijacked” and “taken the meaning away” from the movement.

“Don’t try to shut the black community out,” she shouted. Raz interrupted her, noting that he himself was black, but she didn’t stand down. “What kind of change do you get from bickering back and forth?” she asked Raz.

Others then tried to cut her off, but she stood firm, arguing that “if this is supposed to be a peaceful protest, use your words and your pen… Taking a bunch of folk up there to riot, what does that do?”

National File also exposed that Simone received over $80,000 from the City of Seattle to build a recording studio in 2019.