VIDEO: Dad Says ‘Why Didn’t You Stay in Mexico’ To Immigrant Parent Complaining About Racism


Video footage from a “diversity and inclusion” meeting at a Michigan school shows a parent asking an immigrant parents who was complaining about the racism his children have allegedly endured in the United States, “Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?”

“I remember when I went into his bedroom to say goodnight and he was crying because of the abuse he has endured in this school system,” Adrian Iraola says whie standing with a microphone, presumably talking about his son.

“Then why didn’t you stay in Mexico,” an unseen parent says, off-camera.

The camera then pans to the new speaker, who is seated row back, as the room room collectively gasps in horror.

Iraola swings around, mouth agape, as if he has suffered a physical blow.

“That’s indicative of what our kids are experiencing,” another man yells, pointing a finger at the seated parent. “That’s indicative of what our kids are experiencing, comments like that. He’s sharing a story right now, and that’s indicative of what our kids are experiencing.”

The entire room eventually starts yelling at the seated parent.

“He asked me a question,” Iraola says. “He asked me a question, why didn’t I stay in Mexico. This is the greatest country in the world.”

The crowd erupts into applause.

“But you’re complaining about being here,” the seated parent says.

A shrill voice screams, “It’s not your turn!”

The footage then shows a woman approaching the seated man and yelling at him, to which he dismissively waves a hand and says “Okay, have a seat.”

The video has since gone viral, and has been used by several corporate media outlets as an instance of naked racism in the school systems.

No racial slurs or derogatory language are used by the seated parent in the video.