VIDEO: DA’s Husband Pulls Gun on Black Lives Matter Protestors, Says ‘I Will Shoot You’


Video footage show a man identified as the husband of Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey brandishing a handgun and pointing it at Black Lives Matter activists congregated on his front porch.

“I will shoot you,” the man says as high-pitched female voices demand to be let inside to talk to Jackie Lacey. “Right now, get off. Get off my porch.”

The man with the pistol is David Lacey, the District Attorney’s husband for the past 40 years.

The confrontation occurred at 5:40 in the morning, with the Black Lives Matter crowd having reportedly been camped on the sidewalk for some time before barging onto the front porch and yelling at Lacey.

Jackie Lacey drew the ire of Black Lives Matter because of her involvement in the field of criminal prosecution, and has since reportedly been on the receiving end of death threats and various forms of harassment, including screeching BLM activists congregated on her front lawn.

Video of David Lacey’s confrontation with Black Lives Matter can be seen below:

According to the Los Angeles Times, David Lacey is a “retired investigative auditor for the D.A.’s bureau of investigation.”

In a press conference on Monday, Jackie Lacey recounted what happened offscreen and what she and her husband of 40 years have been subjected to by BLM activists:

“It was just him and I in that house and we really didn’t know what was about to happen,” Lacey said.