VIDEO: Dems Use Impeachment Hearings To Attack InfoWars, Defend George Soros


Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) used Thursday’s impeachment hearing to run cover for George Soros and rail against InfoWars, with the assistance of former National Security Council member Fiona Hill.

“Um, Dr. Hill you stated in your deposition you’ve been accused of being a mole for George Soros in the White House, correct?” Krishnamoorthi asked, to which Hill answered in the affirmative.

The Democrat Rep. went to on to ask if Hill had been described as a Soros affiliate on the InfoWars news network by “convicted felon Roger Stone.”

Hill answered in the affirmative again, noting that she had not called Roger Stone a convicted felon. Krishnamoorthi broke into a gleeful smile when his dig at Stone had been acknowledged.

Hill claimed InfoWars aired the same video referenced by Krishnamoorthi multiple times and “added embellishments.”

“I presume you’re not a globalist, leftist, Soros insider, correct?” Krishnamoorthi asked sarcastically.

Hill replied in the negative and went on to claim that attacks against billionaire political activist George Soros are “anti-Semitic”  and “this is the longest-running anti-Semitic trope that we have in history, and a trope against Mr. Soros was also created for political purposes, and this is the new Protocols of The Elders of Zion.”