VIDEO: Disrobed Protester Flashes Portland Police, Forces Them to Retreat


Officers with the Portland Police Department retreated after a nude female protester sat down in the middle of the road with her legs spread and bared her vagina at them.

“This chick sat in the road and flashed the cops her pussy and they actually f*cking left,” wrote MommyBigDick, a transgender activist, on Twitter.

The original incident was captured by Donovan Farley, a freelance journalist who has written for Playboy, Vice and Rolling Stone.

He included video footage of “Naked Athena,” as he dubbed the far-left protester, approaching a line of armed law enforcement which he described as “stormtroopers”.

He later posted a clip of police driving away from the situation after being confronted by the repulsive sight, dubbing it as “PUSSY POWER”.

The incident took place as federal and local law enforcement joined forces in order to clear out the autonomous zone that anarcho-communists had established in downtown Portland.

Federal law enforcement surged into Portland yesterday, utilizing unmarked vans to pull up close to Antifa terrorists and arrest them, prompting outrage from the left.

USA Today reports:

Federal law enforcement officers have used unmarked vehicles to detain protesters in Portland, according to news reports and at least one protester who spoke to USA TODAY.

Videos shared online show officers driving up to people, detaining them without explanation, then driving off, Oregon Public Broadcasting first reported. The ACLU filed a lawsuit Friday evening to try and end what it called “lawlessness” on the streets of Portland.

The lawsuit — the first of several that the ACLU said is to be filed against the Trump administration in Portland — seeks to block the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies from attacking journalists and legal observers at protests.

“Federal agents are terrorizing the community, threatening lives, and relentlessly attacking protesters demonstrating against police brutality,” the ACLU said in a tweet. “This is not law and order. This is lawlessness — and it must be stopped.”

Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf led the charge, rightfully declaring the left-wing protesters to be “violent extremists”.

Despite the success of “Naked Athena” in repelling law enforcement on one street, it appears peace and security is finally in the process of being restored to the city of Portland.