VIDEO: Dozens Protest Opening of First Chik-fil-A in Toronto


Saying that we lived in Clown World wouldn’t quite cut it–a product battle between two leading chicken franchises managed to divert attention away from what was the biggest possible scandal of the decade: Epstein’s untimely demise.

Chick-fil-A has drawn plenty of negative press from progressive outlets seeking to demonize the company for its Christian stance on LGBT+ issues.

The devoutly Christian sandwich chain–which closes on Sundays–has been accused of homophobia and peddling hate, as well as a slew of other buzzwords, for their anti-progressive positions.

Journos, to no avail, have attempted to pen several hit pieces to smear the restaurant, but, if anything, catastrophically failed in their endeavors by driving up positive coverage by social media users and driving consumer demand to spite unpopular publications.

While not everybody agrees with the enticing taste of Chick-fil-A’s cuisine; valuing progressive politico-cultural talking points over the wholesome chicken corporation: Chick-fil-A seems to be coming out on top–people prefer their fried chicken over being harried by political activists masquerading as respectable publications.

Toronto, being one of the most progressive cities in the West, saw dozens turn out to protest the opening of the city’s first Chick-fil-A joint.

Protesters are seen carrying ‘Cluck off’ placards to express their discontent at ‘hate’ coming to town.

Customers seemed to be unfazed by the protesters and social media users posted their excitement at the prospect of dining at the newly opened restaurant.

The great chicken sandwich wars rage on.

National File previously reported that Antifa planned a protest of a Chick-fil-A in Wisconsin, going so far as to call for breaking the chicken establishment’s windows:

While it appeared to be a mostly peaceful protest, there was a rather unsettling post on the Fox Antifa Facebook page, in which the admin, “Commander Red”, made threats to throw bricks at the windows of the new restaurant.

This post was liked over 120 times, and shared by around 20 other local Antifa pages and members.

It would appear Fox Antifa is the same group that planned out the protests, at least according to an earlier post that was made shortly before the protests began.

Future historians will have quite a time deciphering the occurrences of 2019.