VIDEO: Drag Queen Rips Out Fake Fetus From Womb in Performance


A person in women’s clothing, either a drag queen or transgendered woman, stabbed a fake pregnant belly and pulled out an umbilical cord and baby doll covered in fake blood.

A video doing the rounds on social media has emerged showing what appears to be a trans woman with short hair stabbing a fake pregnant belly with a knife before ripping out an umbilical cord, pouring fake blood all over his mouth, and finally unearthing a baby doll representing a fetus.

As the individual dives into the artificial womb, bar patrons noisily cheer the individual on.

The unknown individual then licks the fake blood off the baby doll before making dancing motions with his arms to a small but energized audience.

WARNING: Some of these images–although fake–may be distressing to some readers. 

The performer then tosses the doll to one side, then continues to dance while sat on the bar, wrapping the umbilical cord around his neck in a burlesque fashion.

Some of the fake blood had been poured into a glass on the bar, which the performer proceeds to tip and drink onto himself.

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After rummaging around a little longer in the artificial womb, the performer pulls out and brandishes what appears to be the source of the fake blood–which he then uses to sprinkle more fake blood all over his face and body.

Social media users have expressed their disgust at the footage, describing the symbolism of the performance as evil.

Performances of this nature have enjoyed a rise in popularity–with drag queen story hour becoming the rage in many public libraries across the country.

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Participants transcend age boundaries as children as young as nine–and even younger–participate, and express a will to participate in a similar capacity.

Drag isn’t even limited to humans; dogs have also been included in drag shows.