VIDEO: Drag Queen ‘Strips’ in Front of Children at Story Hour Event


A drag queen performing before children in Washington stripped during their performance.

Drag Queen Story Hours have been a source of much controversy in recent months. Some argue no harm, no foul; others suggest children shouldn’t be exposed to sexually-charged themes until they’re ready.

Another point of contention has been over the use of public funds to host these events.

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In this particular event from King County Library in Washington State, a performer is seen to remove an item of clothing exposing artificially wide hips before doing a dance in front of an audience with children.

According to a post from King County Republicans Facebook page:

“What do drag queens and children have in common?” asks a King County Library System ad for Drag Queen Story Hour. “They love dressing up and all things sparkly and fancy!”

Over the last few weeks, your publicly funded King County Library System (KCLS) has been hosting Drag Queen Story hours where drag performers read to young children. In addition to story-time, the KCLS also provided safer sex presentations by Planned Parenthood at “tween” events, which included take home “bling” like condoms, dental dams, lubricant, and penis shaped bookmarks. There was also a raffle for “chest binders” for girls as young as ten to flatten their chest to assist in transition.

Naturally, questions arise…What do you think about sexually focused types of events at our public libraries for children? Do you consider hosting Drag Queen events for children a valid use of public money? Would you take your young children to one of these events? How do you feel about “experts” at the library teaching your “tweens” about sex?

King County hosted an event in August starring an eighty-eight-year-old drag queen, undeterred by age.

A California church’s opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour is believed to have provoked a retaliatory vandalism of the church’s property.

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A Drag Queen Story Hour was protected by snipers from protesting mothers in Spokane, Washington, earlier this year.

These events continue to draw both ample criticism and praise from the public, dividing opinion.