VIDEO: Drunk Suspect Goes Flying After Leg Sweep by Police in Arrest


A dramatic video, reportedly taken in Brazil, during the global coronavirus crisis which has led to several countries being in lock-down, shows a man being kicked violently from behind to subdue and arrest the defiant drunk man who was wielding a weapon.

A man in a high-visibility jacket attempts to placate the intoxicated man, who, from the footage, appears to disobey his attempts to calm down.

Then, a no-nonsense police officer comes in from behind to deliver an impressive kick to the inebriated armed man’s legs, sending him flying, neutralizing him for an easy detainment.

In a video wrongly captioned, “Lockdown means lockdown In Italy,” the viral clip amassed a large audience, registering over 1.1M views, 31.4k retweets, and 53.1k likes at the time of writing the article.

Later, the tweeter corrected the information with a tongue-in-cheek tweet, joking: “Apparently its Brazil one thing about it, is a good old full back tackle If you don’t get the ball only one place for the player up in the air (no free kick play on ref).”

Commenters found the no-nonsense approach refreshing, mockingly criticizing their domestic judicial systems.

One said: “In England we would need a trained negotiator, a social worker, a counsellor and a pizza plus 2 cans of coke, then spend 4 hours asking the person nicely to comply.”

However, according to Brazilian outlet Estadao, military police were attempting to negotiate with the sauced weapon-slinger before the seismic take down.

The incident reportedly took place to the north of Sao Paolo, where the drunk man was threatening passersby with a weapon on a road.

After hitting the ground hard, the suspect was given first aid at a nearby hospital.

He was later taken to the 12th Police District to be criminally processed.