Video: European Men Stand Down as Migrant Attacks Woman in Broad Daylight


European men stood down as they watched a third-world migrant attack a woman in broad daylight, in a video that’s making the rounds online as a shining example of the widespread emasculation and domestication of European men under left-wing governance.

The video, which comes from Spain, shows a pair of Spanish men sitting idly by as a third-world migrant publicly attacks a young woman in broad daylight. Despite her pleas for help, the men do nothing, and one of them even turns his back on her and walks away.

While it’s unclear who was behind the video camera, the cameraman or woman has also caught flack from critics, who say they should have offered help rather than stand there filming the attack for views on social media.

Others have defended the person behind the camera though, saying that getting the footage to the people of Spain comprises a public service.

The video was shared on Twitter by Spanish journalist Javier Negre, who has taken a stand against the open borders immigration that has transformed his nation and Europe as a whole.

In the Tweet, Negre called out Spanish “Minister of Equality” Irene Montero.

Montero claims that the Spanish people should accommodate third-world Islamic migrants by learning languages like Arabic, and even by reproducing with them to help “integrate” them into Spanish society and, apparently, the Spanish gene pool.

She’s also an avowed communist, who was a member of the Communist Youth Union of Spain.

“They will not see Irene Montero condemn this ‘love story,’” wrote Negre, according to Twitter’s Spanish-to-English translation of his tweet.

According to a subsequent post made by Negre, Spanish police have failed to act on the attack, and not a single Spanish news network, aside from his own, has bothered covering it.

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In another recently-posted video from Spain showing the depth of the country’s issues with mass third-world migration, Maria Estevez, a ranking member of Spain’s conservative-populist Vox Party, shared footage of an Islamic nationalist march through the streets of Tortosa.

“What do you think will happen when they are the majority?” Estevez asked in her tweet, pointing out the troubling reality of unfettered immigration into Europe and the West.

While the attention of many Americans and other Westerners has been pointed to nations like England, Germany, and Sweden when it comes to mass third-world immigration into Europe, Spain has long fought to secure their own borders from Islamic invaders.

A millennium ago, much of the nation’s current land mass was occupied by Muslim conquerors, who subjugated and enslaved Spain’s Christian population.

It took centuries for Christians to win back control of Spain, driving the Muslim invaders back across the seas and into North Africa, where their descendants remain today.

The process was referred to as the Reconquista and employed military aid from all over Christian Europe, where it was considered a Holy War.

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