VIDEO: Father Confronts Elizabeth Warren on Free College, She Laughs in his Face


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who is best known for being blasted by President Trump for her 1/1024 Native American DNA test, is a major proponent of free college and student loan forgiveness.

This morning, a disgruntled father questioned her stance on free tuition.

The father’s exchange with Warren was captured on camera and uploaded to social media.

Conservative activist Scott Presler, an outspoken critic of Warren, uploaded the video to his personal Facebook account:


MUST-SEE VIDEO: Angry dad confronts @ewarren & asks if he’ll get his college $ back. She says “Of course, not” & then smirks when he says he responsibly paid his fees. #NeverWarren

Posted by Scott Ryan Presler on Thursday, January 23, 2020


The father engages in a conversation with Warren, who says, “My daughter is in school, I saved all my money just to pay back student loans. Can I have my money back?”

Warren responds with a sharp, “Of course not.”

The frustrated father then questions her: “So you’re going to pay for people who don’t save any money and the ones that do the right thing get screwed.”

Warren then seems to hold back a smirk as the father proceeded to explain how he spent years saving money so he can pay for his daughters tuition, which was when he was conveniently informed that he was out of time.

The remaining Democratic candidates have spent time campaigning in Iowa ahead of their Caucus on February 3rd.

Most of these events are public, which give the opportunity for supporters and potential voters to meet the candidates. However, as this video shows, this is also an opportunity for somebody to voice their displeasure with a candidate.

Like Warren, many of the Democratic candidates have been under fire from conservatives and independents who dislike the idea of free education – especially to illegal immigrants – as they view this unfair to the people who have already paid for their tuition in the past, and don’t want their taxes going up because of it.

Her critics have also expressed that she is pushing for free tuition to “buy votes” of those who are in student loan debt, or currently enrolled in a university.

This will most likely continue to be a hot topic during the next Democratic Debate, which takes place on February 7th.