VIDEO: Female Swedish Cop Kneels, Raises Fist, Holds ‘White Silence is Violence’ Sign


Bizarre video footage shows a white, female Swedish police officer kneeling before Black Lives Matter protesters, holding up a balled “black power” fist, and proudly holding up a sign that reads “White silence is violence.”

In a clip that captures the sum total of the modern Swedish culture, a crowd of screaming Black Lives Matter activists in Stockholm surround the lone female officer next to a police van.

The officer promptly drops to one knee, and throws up a balled right fist to demonstrate solidarity withe Black Lives Matter movement, as the protesters scream even louder.

Someone in the crowd then hands the cop a sign emblazoned with the racist slogan “white silence is violence,” which she holds up to the camera as the shrieking of the mob reaches a high-pitched crescendo..

The officer then begins sobbing hysterically and hugging several niqab-clad women, which then turns into a group hug of female protesters before the video ends.

The footage was also captured from a different angle, and reposted to Twitter with the caption “Found another video of the female Swedish police officer who took a “Kaepernick-knee” at y-days BLM protest in Stockholm. She then threw up a “Black Power-fist” & brandished a sign saying “#WhiteSilenceIsViolence”. Time to fire her!”

In the United States, members of the National Guard were caught on film kneeling with Black Lives Matter protesters.

In this video, the National Guard in Los Angeles appears to bend the knee for the camera in front on protesters.

The gesture was pilloried on social media, with several implying the stunt to be inappropriate.

“Are you kidding me??? Our military should only be on it’s knees to pray. Absolutely disgusting. Every single one of these ‘soldiers’ should be terminated from the military. They know that kneeling is disrespecting the flag they fight under,” wrote one person.

Another asked: “Land of the free and home of the simps. Where have the real men gone?”

Violent riots continue to ravage America’s cities with little sign of subsiding.