VIDEO: ‘Feminist’ Causing Trouble Gets Slammed by Police


A woman, who was labeled a ‘Feminist’ by Redes Sociales was apparently causing a ruckus at a restaurant before cops were called.

The person appears to be yelling at the approaching cop in the short clip. The cop without delay picked up the individual before slamming them onto the sidewalk to make the arrest.

Mujer FEMINISTA estaba causando disturbios en un restaurant y quería insultar a la Policía; La Policía procedió con la Mujer.

Posted by Redes Sociales on Sunday, August 25, 2019

Unfortunately, details concerning the arrest are scarce. asserts the individual to be a member of Antifa. However, from the short clip, there isn’t sufficient proof to confirm or deny that person’s participation.

According to a loose translation from Redes Sociales page:

FEMINIST woman was causing riots in a restaurant and wanted to insult the police; police proceeded with the woman.

Some could interpret the video as being police brutality.

Footage from before the extraordinary arrest is lacking.