VIDEO: Fight Breaks Out Outside Trump Hotel in D.C. Following Million MAGA March


As millions of Trump supporters rallied today for the Million MAGA March in Washington D.C., a fight broke out in front of the Trump hotel.

Millions of supporters of President Trump peacefully protested in Washington D.C. today, showing their support for him against the attempt by the establishment to steal the election from under his nose. National File staff on the ground were able to verify the sheer size and scale of the peaceful turnout.

However, further away from the main area of the march, it appears a few fights may have broken out. Kylie Thomas, a freelance reporter, was on the scence outside of the Trump Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, when she was a fight broke out in front of her.

A supporter of President Biden was standing in front of a number of Trump supporters, declaring that they should just accept their “loss” in the presidential election, when an unknown man ran out from behind him towards the crowd, and attacked another man.

The agitator was immediately dragged away from the victim by police officers. It is unclear at this time as to the identification of either men involved in the incident.

National File reported earlier today that antifa, who usually declare their proficiency in “bashing the fash,” had been protected by officers of the D.C. Police Department, with antifa cowering behind police lines as Trump supporters peacefully gathered to protest.

Antifa and black bloc protestors held up signs demanding that Trump supporters and “MAGA” be punched in the face, while standing behind the police. They accepted the protection of the police despite the anti-cop rhetoric that communists and the left usually espouse. Trump supporters can be heard calling antifa “pussies” in the footage.

Despite the presence of antifa, and a few fights, there have not been mass outbreaks of violence. As National File reported:

Overall, Saturday’s march has been markedly peaceful, as despite their bold aspirations to “punch Nazis” and “punch MAGA in the face,” BLM and Antifa activists seemed mostly content to stand well behind the lines of protective Metro police tasked with preserving their safety.

The numbers of Trump supporters at the million MAGA march appeared to easily dwarf the numbers of violent Black Lives Matter rioters who had assembled in the same city just a few months before.