VIDEO: French Police Patrol Coffee Shop To Enforce Vaccine Passports, COVID Tyranny


After the French government announced the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine passport, hundreds of thousands of citizens took to the streets in protest. One video has surfaced online showing French police patrol a coffee shop, stopping to ask customers to prove that they have a valid vaccine passport and asking if they have the right to be there.

A video depicting the French police patrol a coffee shop as customers dined. The officers are seen marching down the street, approaching customers who have their phones out. The officers, wearing face masks, check the phones of the citizens to determine whether or not they have a valid COVID-19 vaccine passport.

Starting today, France’s contested pass sanitaire will be “extended with the aim of coercing the final tranche of hardline vaccine sceptics to get inoculated, prompting protests across the country for the fourth consecutive weekend,” reported the Guardian. “Last week, more than 200,000 people turned out to demonstrate, according to figures from the interior ministry.” In Paris and the Champs Elysées, restaurants and coffee shops are empty, and protesting citizens have chosen to sit on public benches instead, where a vaccine passport is not required.

Across the Atlantic in the US, National File previously reported that during an earnings call, Moderna seemed to admit that their COVID-19 vaccine only lasts for 6 months, adding that a third “booster” shot will “likely be necessary” due to the Delta variant, which experts have compared to hay fever or the common cold. As millions of people across the globe have received vaccinations for the COVID-19 virus, new emerging strains may be named after star constellations if they outnumber the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet, according to the World Health Organization’s Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove.