VIDEO: General Flynn Endorses Amanda Chase For Governor of Virginia


General Michael Flynn gave a video endorsement in the Virginia Governor’s race live from Palm Beach County, Florida, joining forces with conservative firebrand Senator Amanda Chase to tout the candidate’s pro-freedom agenda.

Standing alongside Chase from the backyard of a Gold Star family, the video endorsement came following the Bradenton Freedom Festival, an event in support of President Trump and the American First agenda.

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“It’s great to experience [freedom] again,” Chase tells viewers, contrasting Virginia’s mask mandates and limitations on civil liberties with Florida’s lack there of. “We want freedom in Virginia,” says Chase, remarking that her time in Florida has reminded her of the days prior to Democrat rule in Richmond, when Virginia was routinely ranked among the nation’s freest states.

In appearing with Chase, General Flynn doubled down on his previously reported written endorsement of her campaign. Touting Chase’s pro-freedom agenda, Flynn says that as Governor, Chase will help reaffirm America’s status as the greatest country on earth, and protect the freedoms and values Americans hold dear.

“Vote for Amanda Chase to be the next Governor of the great state of Virginia,” Flynn tells viewers. “She is a leader, she’s courageous, she’s tough, she’s disciplined, she’s savvy, and she’s got good, god-given common sense…she really just absolutely breathes patriotism.”

“You really do represent something that I believe in,” Flynn tells Chase. “…which is American values, the ideals that we all espouse and hold on to very dearly in our country…I fully endorse you.”

Following her meeting with General Flynn, Chase appeared alongside fellow America First conservatives, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, addressing the crowd at the Vero Beach America First Rally in Florida.

During her speech to the crowd, Chase slammed the radical left, including the Virginia Democrats who voted to censure her over her support of President Trump and election integrity. She also drilled down on the establishment Republicans who have aided and abetted the left in their attacks on the America First movement, calling for their removal at the ballot box and vowing to never stop fighting.

“We the people will not shut up,” said Chase. “We will not be censured.”